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[ 2016 | Review #27 ] : "THE IRON DAUGHTER"

Copyright © 2010 by Julie Kagawa
Cover art  © 2010 by Harlequin Enterprises Limited.
Published by HarlequinTEEN ( )
First edition paperback ; 368 p ; ISBN 978-0-373-21013-8
Normal Price : IDR 145

“I knew I should be afraid of him. He was an Unseelie prince after all, and had in no uncertain terms admitted he would kill me if Mab ordered him to. But he also admitted to having feelings for me. And maybe I was being naive, but I couldn’t believe Ash would willingly hurt me, even in the Winter Court.”
My name is Meghan Chase, half human and half summer faery princess. I killed Machina – the Iron Fey King, who kidnapped my 4-years-old human brother Ethan. But the problem is not quite finished after rescueing dan returning Ethan into our home. To save Ethan, I need help and Prince Ash – the younger winter prince, willing to accompany and help me, something that not come freely,’cause I must returning the favor. I make a path to follow him back into Winter Court as soon the rescue mission successed. And here I am – living like prisoner in the mercy of Winter Court and of course the chilling-scaries Queen Mab. Being held as prisoner is not the worse-part I must facing, but the rapid-changes on Ash’s attitude, he become so distant, cold and ignorance person like we never meet nor got involve emotionaly so deep before. It’s hurt like hell, with no one to turn for help, I’m beginning to imagine the worse nightmare of my life ...

Then it’s all suddenly changing into so different kind of things. Starting when Lord Oberon himself, my father, coming with the Summer Court to Winter Court to pass on the Scepter of the Seasons – a magical talisman that the courts pass between them with the changing of the seasons. Lord Oberon sudden visited surprise everyone including me, but when he demand the ‘release’ of me being held in winter court, it’s all coming back as a slap-in-face, because theorical I’m not a prisoner when I promise willingly to Prince Ash, of course that because my naive-action got the best part of my miserable choices. And that also means, even Lord Oberon cannot ‘free’ me from that path – a sworne promise that supposely bound me with Prince Ash. But just one night, my situation as helpless prisoner changing into something more horrid. I’m being accused as murderer – responsible as the death of Prince Sage – the future King of Winter Courts.

Another worse case of scenario, the Scepter of the Seasons also stolen, by the people who killed Prince Sage. But no one believe in me, specially when I insist telling them that the one really responsible of this ludacris act is group of Iron Fey, lead by Tertius – one of Machina’s iron knight. Apparently the dead of Machina, brings the unknown new Iron King, the one who order to steal the talisman. Queen Mab anger put me in death penalty when she makes me ‘frozen’ alive. Who knows that the person rescue me from that is Prince Ash – who claimed he believe my word, specially about the Iron Fey whereabout. Then again, they both puts in the similar situation, running for the safety, but now the enemy is Winter Courts as Queen Mab’s order to capture  the traitor and the fugitive, Ash and me.

Ash must facing Rowan and nearly killed each other in the process. Escape once again, they still hunted by Rowan’s knight, his elite Thornguards. The world outside in the chaos situation too, since Queen Mab declaring war against Summer Court who she believe behind the attack and stolen the Scepter of the Seasons. With no alliance, wanted as the most fugitive with high price for any information leads to their hiding, both Ash and Megan really did not know where to go. Then when time turn into worse scenario, help coming without warning. Long time friend and foe, Robbin Goodfellow aka Puck coming to the rescue. Apparently he manage once again from Oberon’s punishment. With Puck on Megan’s side, Ash turn his role as guardian to him, and continue his mission to tak-back the Scepter of the Seasons.  While they apart, going into different direction, something happening in Nevernever that makes Megan re-think her journey.

Nevernever is dying rapidly while the Iron Fey’s magic spreading fast into the world. Megan know she must help Ash, not only for personal reason but also for the sake of each living things in this world. When Grimalkin show-up mysteriously and summons Megan to meet the one and only Iron Horse – no one believe what could be happening next. In order to take and returning the Scepter of the Seasons, so the war between Summer and Winter did not goes to bad into worse, and to reveal someone behind this crazy scenario, they must join force to face the False Iron King and his new army before they rules the world of fey. What could be happening when Megan, Puck, Grimalkin and Iron Horse team-up to face the unknown enemy ? In this crazy situation, another alliance show-up by surprise, Leanansidhe – the Dark Muse, Queen of the Exiles, who had the power and knowledge helping them gets what they want – with the right price in returned.
“You’re kind of blind, you know? I wouldn’t defy Oberon for just anyone. But, for you ... I’d come back from the dead for you.” ___Puck to Megan
The second instalment of this series, so much more interesting than the previous book. Aside than conflict of interest between Ash-Megan-Puck, my favorite part is the whole thrilling adventure (and war scenery, too, hahaha). Especially when all the crazy things can happen when Iron Horse, Puck and Grimalkin in the same side, the story becoming so hillarious to imagine. Even my fondness to Megan’s character never reach TOP position, I must say that she grew becoming a better one. Between the Three Musketeers or should I re-called them Three Stoges, Iron Horse, Puck and Grimalkin are the most interesting character in this story. Well, Ash also got his spotlight, specially when he ‘turns’ into ‘killer-zombie’ by the enemy. After all the bad-thing I said in the previous book, this one deserve ‘good-tumbs’ and worth reading for ... go ahead, tried it your self, just don’t blame me if your got so interested to continue on the next sequels, like I do (^_^)

[ book 2 of THE IRON FEY Series ]
Copyright © 2010 by Julie Kagawa

Rate : 3.5 of 5

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