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[ 2016 | Review #29 ] : "THE IRON KNIGHT"

Copyright © 2011 by Julie Kagawa
Cover art  © 2011 by Harlequin Enterprises Limited.
Published by HarlequinTEEN ( )
First edition paperback ; 400 p ; ISBN 978-0-373-21036-7
Price : IDR 145
“My name-my True Name- is Ashallayn’darkmyr Tallyn. I am the last remaining soon of Mab, Queen of the Unseelie Court. And I am dead to her. My fall began, as many stories do, with a girl ...”
After unsatisfied by the end of the previous book, I guess there are so many readers also react the same, since this book finally show-up. The fourth book who written from Ash’s perspective, tell the story after he took a journey to find way – a very difficult and impossible way, so he could back in Meghan’s side.  Since he already exiled from Winter Court, then exiled from Iron’s fey to by her new Queen (yeaahh – the main reason is because Meghan love him so much to watch him being suffering if he must living in the place that killing him bit by bit). Considering his situation, I could related by his desperation to try even the craziest thing, to get back his life, or at least a very compromize situation between him and Meghan.

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The only way Ash could reunited with Meghan – the new Iron’s Queen, he must transformed into human, that means he must find his soul. Where the hell he can fid his (human) soul when the entire life he is Unseelie Prince of Winter Court ? This is the perfect time for my two favorite character to show-up, yes let’s welcoming Puck and Grimalkin – two adorable and annoying character, definetely what I really need so this whole story did not becoming depressing adn gloomy story. It’s like the journey into Mordor, so dangerous, unexpected scenes and weirdest creatures that stand between them and the path they must took. The arrival of another unexpected alliances, also bring-out this story into merrier ...

Comparing between this book with the previous Trilogy, I must say this one definetely won my heart and becoming the most favorite thingy (^0^). I could write down several reason why this is considering ‘must read’ and the best from Julie Kagawa’s (of course this is according to my personal taste hahaha). First, there is no chessy romance (if there is ‘romance’ involve, it’s in a small portion). Second, there is so many dark, gloomy and scary scenery, just like we enter the world where Grimm’s meets Poe’s – and all the absurb-weird-strange creature as the villain’s charaters, so superb !!! Maybe if Gaiman wrote something involving a little-bit romance story, it’s gonna be like this. Third, so many Puck and Grimalkin in the whole scene \(^0^)/ hohoho.

Fourth reason, involving the additional characters, between the (very) Big-Bad-Wolf known his role from The Red Riding Hood, Snow White and among others fairytale, and the long-lost-love of Ash, Aurelia – who pressume dead by everyone, apparently (still) life in hidden for a very strong reason that remains a mystery, until the time is coming to reveal the untruth. Unsolved promise that bind-up between Ash-Aurelia-Puck, who also bring the vendetta for her death, now must face the new resolution among them. Fifth reason it’s gonna be : I love the plot, the complexity and the twisted-disturbing scenery, and even all the villains. I guess it’s the darkest side of the whole story that drawn me into mystique-unsurreal realm. LOVE IT !!

P.S. No ... I would not tell you the whole (nor several details) of the story, you must experience by yourself. One thing I could share it (and a little-bit ‘spoiler’) that this is a happy-ending story. Although considering all the good things happens in my reading experience, the (un)happy ending would be – should be a perfect pairs to this story, but those are my personal preference, after all I’m crazy about any dark-thingy-fantasy.  And don’t worry too much, it’s not pure dark fantasy, since there is ne ‘three stogges’ among them : Puck, Grimalkin and the Big-Bad-Wolf, who gonna brought you into laughters and cuckles in many-many scenery.

[ book 4 of THE IRON FEY Series ]
Copyright © 2011 by Julie Kagawa
Rate : 4 of 5

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