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[ book 1 of The Land of The Stories Trilogy ]
Copyright © 2012 by Christopher Colfer
Jacket and interior art copyright © 2012 by Brandon Dorman
Cover © 2012 Hachette Book Group, Inc.
ISBAN  978-0-316-20157-5 (hardcover)
First Edition : July 2012 | 440 p
Suitable for ages > 12
Rate : 4 of 5

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” – C.S. Lewis

When I first see this book on the bookdepository, I really like the front cover, then I see the author name – makes me wonder a little-bit but did not quite believe on coincident. Then someday at Periplus I saw again the same book, and I look at the back cover__olala, my first quess was quite right, the author of this book is Chris Colfer – the same person who plays as Kurt Hummel on Glee. I watch Glee from the very beginning and the character Kurt Hummel really drown-good-attention to me. He’s not only plays it very well, he is Kurt Hummel – a quirky, different boys with such wonderful talent. If you ever-ever hear him singing, should search immediately and listen to several songs he performing. And now he write book too, can tell I’m so excited and curious at the same time. Specially the themes are fairy-tales, another favorite subject of mine (^_^) Now, enough about this babbling (yeah, I can say a lot about my favorite things ...), let’s continue on my review in this book – the first book that produced by the one and the only Chris Colfer.

[ Warning : It Might Contain Some Spoiler ]

The story begin when Queen Snow White visited her stepmother, former Queen of the Northern Kingdom who also known as the Evil Queen that already capture and puts into dungeon after Snow White and her troops winning the battle. But after several years, Snow White still curious and really want to know the reason behind all ‘evil-act’ done by her stepmother, specially why she wants her stepdaughter to be kill. And only one visited by her, gave such big impact on what’s gonna happen next in the few weeks, that also gonna makes such hugh different on the life in those place...

Meanwhile back on the future, there is two siblings, twins actually, Alex and Conner Bailey, who have to face the reality and tragedy when their father dies in accident a year ago. Now they both at twelve – perfect age when teenager got every trouble in their life. With the tragedy on their family, even teachers who at first gave attention and generousity in every mistake on their works at school, finally have enough and pursue those children to follow the order and school rules. Don’t be mistaken on their behavior, they are not bad children, but something deep inside them are changing since their father dies.

Alex are really smart girl. She have big imagination and good in detail. She curious about almost anything and her favorite thing is the books. That’s why her grade school always good never got any trouble with teachers, but her quite personalities makes her a little-bit having difficulties making friend with girls on her age. Let’s just say that when they together, they are not gonna says the same topics. Conner in the other hand are charming and funny boys. He makes a lots of friend who enjoying hang-out with him. But Conner did not make good impression on their teachers. His grade are avarege, some of them are not good. Is not because he lazy or something, but because he cannot find anything that can makes him stay longer to listen all the teachers talks short-terms, Conner are easily bored or did not get the meaning of all school subjects.

~ Book 2 : The Enchantress Return ~ 
Despite all the differences, they both stays together, specially when their mother are busy to become ‘the-man-of-the-house’ since the accident. They have to make several changes in their life, moving into smaller house, her mother have no time anymore since she have double-shift at works, and most of all, no father who always there to help them, always prepare to listen everytime they got trouble in school or with friends. They not also lost their father but a good friend too__after a year he passed, a big emptyness getting bigger in each their heart, no matter how hard they are trying to forget it. And on their twelve birthday, a surprise visit from their grandmother really gave such wonderful memory of the past. Their grandma – mother of their father, are really busy woman. She travelling all over the world, doing something she really passionated about : helping others in need. 

Now in her short-visited, she also gave a wonderful gift to both of them : a book of hers that always tell-a-stories about fairy-land that really amazed both Alex and Conner on their childhood until now. The book called ‘The Land of The Stories’ – a big hugh books full with illustration and stories that can makes you flying in another places. But one day, Alex discover something weird, the book are glowing and makes humming-sound that scare her at first times, but later makes her curious and intrique to seek-out more. Her behaviour changing after she involve deep into the book. Conner who saw how difference her sister become, eager to found out what’s makes her changes. Then the secret reveal and last minutes decision brought this two siblings into the adventure of a life time, when they falls into the book, and later find-out they both live in the story ‘The Land of The Stories’  ...

~ The Land of The Stories Kingdom Maps ~ 
The Wishing Spell will grant one wish of anyone that can perform a legendary spell comprised of a list of items.

In there they meet ‘Frog-Prince’ who help them with clues and guidance, to travel the nation, gather several items so they can complete the magic-spell that hopefully will bring them back into their own world. Alex and Conner will also find-out all the great adventure are come with the extra-bonus, the danger surrounding are real and it will get them kill eventually, if they are not back home soon enough. In this new world, they also will learn the value of life, friendship, kindness and love are the most powerful weapons to defeat the enemy ...that’s and special skill with several new knowledge about alchemist and magic.

I always love fairy-tales, but Chris not just provide us with charming-beautiful tales, he gave a little-twist in every characters and built extraordinary new tales with all of them. You will meet not only Snow White with Seven Dwarfs, there’s also Cinderella with her glass-slippers, Sleeping Beauty with the curse spinnel, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood who trying to win the heart of Jack The Giant Killer, who rather choose Goldilocks – the runaway fugitive, meets Ariel – the Mermaid, and fighting against the Big Bad Wold Pack. This book are full with interesting characters, served like a dinner table fill with all kind delicious food and snack, just waiting for you to pick them one by one (^_^) ... I guess this is proove that Chris Colfer really now how to write a story, and a very good one to as the first-novel. Can wait to read another book of his soon !!!  

Quotes : 
“The Northern Kingdom is ruled by Queen Snow White. The Corner Kingdom is watched over by Queen Rapinzel. The Sleeping Kingdom – formerly knwn as the Eastern Kingdom , but renamed after the dreadful curse under which it was placed – is governed by Queen Sleeping Beauty. And of course, the Charming Kingdom is ruled by King Charming and his wife, Queen Cinderella. Together, all the kingdoms create the Happily Ever After Assembly” [ p. 96 – 97 ]
“Wait,” Conner said. “Are you saying all these queens are married to the same guy?”

“Certainly not,” Froggy said. “There are three King Charmings. They’re brothers. Chance - Cinderella, Chase – Sleeping Beauty, Chandler – Snow White and Charlie”
“Of course!” Alex said. “Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty all married Prince Charming! There’s more than one! How come I never thought about that?”
The Red Riding Hood Kingdom used to be a group of villages in the Northern Kingdom that were constantly under attack by wolves. As the result they  built a huge wall around it so no wolves could get in. [ 98 - 99 ]
[ more about the author and related works, check on here : Chris Colfer | The Land of The Stories Official Site | on Wikipedia | Chris on Twitter | Chris on IMDb ]

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  1. Olive. | | pengen punya buku ini karena isinya menarik, mengenai 2 anak kembar yang ada di dunia fantasi, selain itu pengarangnya Chris Colfer, buku ini juga bikin saya termotivasi buat belajar membaca buku inggris ;)

  2. Amelia | | Alasan: covernya minta diketchup*-* (penulisnya juga #eh) karena aku Gleeks, so absolutely im really curious about my Colfer's imagination words :)))


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