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~ Left : Illustrated by Chris Riddell | Right : Illustrated by Skottie Young ~[ source ]
Text Copyright © 2013 by Neil Gaiman
Illustrations Copyright © 2013 by Chris Riddell
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc [ first published in Great Britain ]
First edition : September 2013 ; 161 p | ISBN 978-1-4088-4176-1
Rate : 4 of 5

Ok, I know this book probably for teenagers (younger readers), but who can resist the story by Neil Gaiman (even the crazies and disturbing plot he make, still and always makes me ‘stunning’ by read it or imagine the scenery). And added to that reason, here is something you cannot resist, this edition by Bloomsbury gets more special because all illustrations made by the only Chris Riddell (another super-jenius and crazy artist, that I love so much ...the works I mean, not the person). So that’s my defenses if someone mokes me of being ‘childish’ (or back on children stories) ... but I think I would prefer becoming children (again) who only knew that the world is so beautiful and innocent, and the important thing as this story (will) begin, children are known as their highest imagination, so let’s be children again just this time ... I can assure you, it will quite interesting.

Like short-review at the back-cover, the main story are simple. Starting with Mum’s away. Dad’s in charge. Mum’s left after (again) reminding him on several (a lot) post-it with message what should do and don’t. Dad just said : OK (while keep reading newspapers). And the next day, the children are awake, ready to start the day by eating breakfast. All cereal are ready. But the important part is nowhere to be found. There’s NO MILK in the fridge !! No one (specially normal people) can eat cereal with NO MILK !! So Dad is gonna saves the day by going to the shop near the corner to buy some MILK. And the children are waiting ... waiting ... awaiting ... still waiting ... YAAAAAAWWWWN (after finished reading comics, playing with dinosaurs, laying down on the sofas, drawing some dinosaurs, look at ponys, reading again ... fuihhh). Seem Dad is going for ages. Anything already be done just to get-out from boring situation. But Dad still not coming home. And there’s NO MILK as breakfast too !!!

Then finally Dad show-up with MILK in his hand. The children are too tired (and bored) awaiting so long. But then, listen what Dad have to say, the reason why he is gone so long just to get some MILK. And the adventure begins, starting with when Dad come-out from the store, and suddenly there’s strange sound ‘thumm-thumm’ follow with how he get suck into light entering odd round ship in the sky. Then he meet the globby green  aliens, Pirates, Stegosaurus who actually Professor and genius inventor, Intergalactic Police, Volcano Gods who demanding human sacrifice, even vampire family (you know, with one of their member name Edward), and litle dwarf with flowerpots in their head who appearently love to dance. They all travelling into Time Machine, back and forward just to get home in time and bring THE MILK  too!!

My final comment : AWESOME + HILLARIOUS !! If you ever gets bored or even in the bad mood, just read this book, it will makes you laugh from start to end. The switching-roles between parent and children also makes me wonder and intrigue, what if you got parent (in this story the role are taking by Dad’s) that so clever and can make-up such stories to gave some excuses of him being (very-very) late on coming home ... or it is Real not just crazy-story but actually TRUE-EVENT ? Mmmm... you’re guesses are as good as mine (^_^)

"I decided that I was going to write a book in which dads get to do all of the really cool, important, and exciting things that dads normally get to do on a daily basis– like get captured by pirates, rescued by a stegosaurus– a time-traveling stegosaurus in a ballon, captured by people in a jungle who are going to sacrifice you to Splaud, a volcano god and god of people with really short, funny names, go into the future and meet magical ponies, get attacked by wumpires, there’s spaceships involved, there’s even a bucket of piranhas, and I thought I would put all of those in and also have a book in which a dad got to do the important, dangerous thing which dads get to do most of all: which is go down to the corner shop and come back with some milk." ___Neil Gaiman [ source ]

[ source ]
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