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Judul Asli : A WITCH’S AURA
Copyright © Devon Volkel
Penrose Publishing
First edition 2013 | 310 p (paperback) | 335 (e-book)
ISBN 978-1-909879-11-9 (English PDF)
Rate : 3 of 5
[ This review made by a request of Penrose Publishing ]

As one of BBI’s Reading Project this month, we challenge to read an author debut, and just in theright moment, Penrose Publishing over me to read and reviewing their selected works. I choose works of Devon Volkel, who starting her new debut in series The Witch Chronicles, who you can tell by the title it’s fantasy, my favorite genre ... so here’s my honest opinion on this story.

The story begin with the life of Shayde Gamic, who happen going turned sixteen the next day. Usually, a girl at her age, would be happier and celebrating with huge parties. But just happen, five month ago she lost her beloved brother on tragic’s car accident. Kain Gamic – older brother of Shayde, both of Gamic’s are popular kids, with their good looks and good attitude too. They both very close, and Kain always act as protective brother to his only sister. Shayde, even so pretty and good looking, never being a brat girl or spoiled one, she even really care about everyone else who neglected, unpopular, and being bullies. Both Gamic’s are known as peole who hate bullies in many form. So, when Kain is gone, Shayde life is never been the same again ... no wonder she did not eager to celebrate her birthday.

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But then, something happen, just on the day sh suppose to be celebrating her birthday with close friends. A boy who long secretly in her mind, suddenly appear and invite her and her best friend, joining his in weekend with some friends. Then a new relation begin. But another surprise also awaits for Shayde. She discover family’s secret, that reveal because on her sixteen birthday, she must choose to sign-in a contract being an apprentice of witches, or just reject and refuse her power. Appearantly, her family are known as Witches fo many centuries, but since the witch-hunt begin, they life under hiding, practice magic secretly. And the whole world of Shayde Gamic, now changes drasticly, because she must bared living in secret, only close family’s member know about her ability, and no one else, including her best friends or new boyfriend should know about this ... until the right time coming for all of them.

Ok, here is my opinion, the whole story are well-written, with interesting characters too, even added with good background about witches in centuries ago and their inheritance. I always love story about witches, speacially when include the history like Salem’s Witch Trials. So I’m so eager finish-up the whole story to looks an interesting plot about witches-magic and hunters. Then here come my biggest dissappointment : there is no big catrastrophe or even tragic and grusome war between witches and the hunters. Overall, I can wrap-up the whole story by this comment : Sweet !! The whole story becoming to sweet, describing teenage romance, with a lot ( I mean “a-lot” ) of dialogue, texted, dreaming and romancing between Shayde and Kruise (her new boyfriend). I would not mind if this part also coming with the story who suppose to-be describing a fantasy (and when will the fantasy scenery show-up?)

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Honesty, I don’t think this a fantasy story, not even close to paranormal fantasy, most likely paranormal romance (or teenage drama), It’s not a bad story but I guess my expectations are higher than the reality, and teenage romance, well I passed this genre years ago (^_^) ... so forgive me not to overwhelmed with ‘cutey’ ...’sweetheart’ ... ‘adorable’ acts in the whole story. But I still have high hope that the author will write another great plot on the sequels. Judging by the ending, I think the sequels it’s about the others girls, by the describe of their characters, I think there is a lot source to development their interesting characters (and please, don’t changing them into sweet-adorable another Shayde-Kruise again, is good but honestly is boring and predictable.....).

My others suggestion before I close-up my review, I really like the story about Breken and Aura, can at least write about the life of witches in centuries ago ? I found this perticulary part are more interesting than the whole story. Like meet ‘The Conjuring’ with Salem’s Lot (I believe it’s from Stephen King’s adaptation) added with ‘The Crucible’ (another great adaptation from Arthur Miller, based on true story). Or if this story gone be pure original, just skip the whole conversations and texting at least half of them, to much (unimportant) details and explaination really gets my nerve (and I’m a quick reader, so when after twenty pages there is no interesting part, I usually just close the book ...). So I wish a lot and good luck for the author, for the further project. I believe she got good talent, just need to be sharp more (^_^) and thanks to Penrose Publishing for this generous opportunaty, I’m look forward for another recommend books.

[ more about the author and related works, just check at here : Devon Volkel | on Goodreads | on Penrose Publishing ]

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  1. wahh aku lagi baca buku tentang witch juga mbak sekarang, a discovery of witches, moga2 romancenya ngga terlalu kentel. suka sama cerita ttg penyihir tapi kalo kebanyakan romance malesss ;p

  2. Wah ini romance yang kefantasi fantasian berarti ya XD

  3. yaaahh kebanyakan romance emang bikin males sih *imo ya* :D


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