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[ book 3 of The Incorrible Children of Ashton Place Series ]
Text copyright © 2012 by Maryrose Wood
Illustrations copyright © 2012 by Jon Klassen
Published by Balzer + Bray, an imprint of HarperCollins Children’s Books
1st paperback edition, 2013 ; 328 p ; ISBN 978-0-06-179119-2
Rate : 4 of 5

The trip to London are over. Now we all back to Ashton Place, leaving London after such ‘drama’ involving Lady Ashton (again), but as usual she point-out the mistake on someone else : The Incorrigibles (again too) – who nothing to do than the event ‘causing The Ashton leaving London immediately. For Miss Lumley and the children, they left after make acquiantance and friendship with some of London’s peoples. Even Miss Lumley got a letter from The Queen, regarding the report she sent it about corruption among poor people by person who taking advantage for its self. Don’t forget Simon Harley-Dickinson, who helping them finding things until goes to prison over stolen velocipide (which is a very long and hillarious story indeed), find an exclusive opera ticket for them, and end-up chasing by bunch of pirates from the opera, which lead them into hidden gallery in British Museum.

But that’s all in book two, now we will talk about Ashton Place. Miss Lumley finding that her spirit and enthusiasm are decrease, specially when she reminding Simon Harley-Davidson who now seem so far away in London. But the children did not keep her too long, dreaming in such daylight. Since they all seems agitate inside the house, Miss Lumley decide to take lesson in outdoor, studying birds in wild environment. But what waiting them near the forest ? Is an ostrich – very rare and unique bird who happen only will found in Africa. Then how is it possible the bird ‘flys’ (you should know that ostrich did not fly, they run) over continent and landed in Ashton’s forest ? Being surprise by the meeting with rare bird, Miss Lumley and the Incorrigibles got another surprising news. There will be unexpected quest arriving soon. Former Lady Ashton or Lord Frederick Ashton’s mother – who happen never been contact several years after the dissappearing of his husband (who later presume dead), now is visiting Ashton Place.

Meanwhile at house, Lady Constance Ashton are being histerical about the news. Specially when Lord Ashton itself nowhere to be found (he spend most of daily time outside home, much prefer at his gentleman club than spend time with his newlywed wife). In the middle of chaos made by Lady Ashton, the children enter the house just to meet the unexpected guest, The Widow Ashton and her companion Admiral Faucet. Then the news breaking, the two quest want to get married sometime soon, as the only family left, The Widow Ashton expected to meet his son and asking for his blessing. Between mixed-up conversation, everyone finally knew, where the ostrich come from. Is one of Admiral Faucet’s belonging, that will be introduce as new type racing in England, rather horse’s race, is an ostrich’s racing. But seems the bird, who named Berta are gone missing from her cage. From just another chit-chat, the conversations lead into hunting pursue, capturing Berta using the Incorrigibles skills. The Admiral and Lord Ashton intend to do hunting expedition with Alexander and Beowulf.

Scaring for the relentless and ‘blind’ hunter as Lord Ashton is, Miss Lumley asking fo r Admiral not to take those boys into forest, specially on hunting pursue. But she only convice him at one point, by not taking Lord Ashton who will ruined the expedition to find Berta. For the children safety, Miss Lumley willing to follow them, accompanied and watching the children at the same time. Who knows what happens in wild that can be damaging the education she already taught for the children so far. So the mission finally completed, chosing the full moon time, so Lord Ashton must be excuse for his montly-sickness. Miss Lumley full with enthusiasm as much as the children. She already prepared any kind that she can think of to help the children in the forest. Even she never having experience in wild life, there seems not much difficult after she reading guide-book of an explorer. Penelope Lumley indeed a plucky governess, but she would not know how things can be changes into difficult situation. And the children who suppose to be under her care and protection, can do the opposite act in the forest.

Again this book so hillarious. I can imagine how city girl like Miss Lumley going on expedition through jungle for the first time. A little bit reminding me on personal experience (believe me, is not very good nor pleasant experience). The extraordinary plot and scenery still keep me anxious to enjoy the whole experience of Miss Lumley and the Incorrigibles. But when its time for Miss Lumley to meet children’s families in the forest ... well, well, can you guest who finally show-up when Alexander, Beowulf and Cassiopeia calling-out their ‘mother’ .... or I must say ‘Mama Woof” \(^_^)/ Just like another episode of Swiss Robinson Family, where the hunter becoming the hunted and between pack of wolf, an ostrich, pack of dogs and crazy-wild human hunter, Miss Lumley and three children of Ashton Place are racing to the end, to save their life being shoot nor accidently kill by ‘blind’ hunters. Aside to this exciting scenery, there is much more serious issue that Miss Lumley must solve for the safety of the children.

And for that, she must call for help, asking Simon Harley-Davidson and Madame Ionesco – a talented Gypsy Lady who happen meet with them in London, and has skill as the fortune-teller. Can they all team-work to prevent another disaster that soon will happen is their plain not working ? The mystery surrounding the Incorrigibles are ticker. Who is secretly taking care the children while they living in the forest ? Why they keep shut about the children existance until Lord Ashton find them ? And who is Judge Quinzy true identity ... is a friend or foe ? Is it true that Lord Edward Ashton – Lord Frederick Ashton’s father are not dead after all ? Mmm ... so many questions hanging in my thought, just anxious to find more answers in the sequels, can any body willing to give me book four of The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place (-__-)

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