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[ book 2 of HOUSE OF SECRETS Series ]
by Chris Columbus & Ned Vizzini
Text copyright © 2014 by Novel Approach LLC  
Cover art & inside illustrations copyright © 2014 by Greg Call
Typography by Amy Ryan
Published by Balzer + Bray ( an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers )
First edition ; paperback ; 472 p ; ISBN 978-0-06-229594-1 (international ed.)
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Continuing the life of the Walker family, after scary and crazy adventure experince by Cordelia, Brendan and Eleanor, now they living new life, comforting and should be enjoyable after Eleanor makes wishes that bring-out fortune to their family. But not all of them quite happy of this new situation. Cordelia who always love books and care about her grade, become person that careless about that, she also avoiding her siblings like having secret. Brendan trying so hard to be popular student at his new school, impressing everyone, instead he become no. 1 victim of bullies at school. Eleanor got her wishes, well just in half-portion, by getting horse-riding school, but she can see that her family not the same like use-to-be. Her mom still at home, but she hiding her worried when his husband starting never at home, busy with his works – he says. Then all suddenly, all secrecy hiding inside everyone reveal.

When Denver Kristoff show-up in front of Eleanor, demanding to know where-about her sister Cordelia is, it lead them into place where home of the Lorekeepers, The Bohemian Club at 642 Taylor Street. There once again all the characters reunited, when Denver kidnapped Eleanor, not knowing that Brendan and Will Drapper happen breaking inside the building, looking for Cordelia who having sudden weird appears in her body. Then the Wind Witch or Dahlia Kristoff, who pressumed dead when The Book of Doom and Desire sent the Walkers into their world, came-out from Cordelia’s body (just like an episode when Anaconda throw-up their unchewed meals ...yucchs). Andddd ... once again thanks to the Wind Witch, they send back again into the world of books, starting when the show-up with Kristoff House in the middle of colloseum, where Romans preparing the Lion’s slaying, with gladiators !!

From Ancient Rome to a new version of World War II where Americans meets Nazi’s cyborg, then leap into Himalayan, Tibet, where secret and holy monks of Batan Chekrat having troubles with monsters known as frost beasts. This time three siblings must find their own ways, walking each others destiny. When Cordelia ‘married’ with Felix – a gladiator heroes (who only seventeen), Will having troubles with his jeausly and the truth that he is only ‘character-in-book’ created by Kristoff. Brendan having time of his life, becoming hero of Rome as the Lion Tamper, as pursuing the glory as a gladiator, not knowing that the journey as an gladiator indeed so hard and hurtsfull. Eleanor often consider as the youngest, but ever since she manage her dyslexia’s problems (often reading everything backwards or cannot sees something in order like normal people) and getting home the three of them, she become more confident and braver when come facing difficulties

~ The Book of Doom & Desire ~
Again, the second part of House of Secrets makes me want more and more, the thrilling, the intensity, suspense and surprises, combine with funny and hillarious scene. If the first instalment can describe as fun-happy-joy moment, this second book are more grim since the secret behind Kristoff and Walker’s family finally reveal. And the main character also develop more ‘grown-up’ makes mixed feelings for me, between happy since the storyline also develop, and sad feelings like when you watching babies transforms into teenage into adult (just missed the naive and innocent personalities). But now, I still having worried about the sequels, since the ‘sudden-death’ of Ned Vizzini (I just read it in my friend timeline, real shocking moment !!) ... so how’s gonna be the fate of Cordelia, Brendan and Eleanor then ? Last episode ended when they watching Jagger in the lake of San Fransisco ... hmmm, so intriguing how this lead into a whole new story (^_^)
About the authors :
Chris Columbus, has written, directed, and produced some of the most successful box-office hits in Hollywood history. He first made his name by writing several original scripts produced by Steven Spielberg, including the back-to-back hits Gremlins and The Goonies. As a director, Columbus has been at the helm of such iconic project as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Home Alone, Stepmom, and Mrs. Doubtfire. As a producer, Columbus was also behind the hit films Night at the Museum and The Help.
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Ned Vizzini, (1981-2013) began writing for the New York Press at the age of fifteen. At nineteen, he published Teen Angst? Naaah ..., his autobiography of his years at Stuyvesant High School. His debut teen novel, Be More Chill, was named a Best Book of the Year by Entertainment Weekly and selected for the Today Show Book Club by Judy Blume. It’s Kind of a Funny Story, a cult classic, was adapted into a feature film and was named one of the 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels by National Public Radio. The Other Normals, his third novel, was a Junior Library Guild selection. He also wrote for television, including MTV’s hit show Teen Wolf. His MTV’s Teen Wolf books have been translated into twenty-five languages.
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